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We know you want your kid to succeed in life, and you know very well that technology defines the future.  Coding will not be a good one to have, but must have skills in the future and your kid must be ready for it.  But there is insufficient time, you are busy with the office and the children have school.


We hear you, which is why we bring the CFK (Coding For Kids) Creators Holiday Camp. A 12-day camp, to give you all the basics you need to start doing your first games in 'Scratch'.


Yes, you can understand the fundamentals and start making your own games in this vacation.

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At CFK, we believe in supporting children to become creators through the power of coding. Because creativity can make a coders the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.


When you join CFK Smart Creators Holiday Camp, you will:

  • Be able to make their own stories in scratch

  • Create games in scratch

  • Create animations

  • Play their own games

  • Creatively use the screen time


Plus, you will also see these behavioral changes in your child:

  • Have better focus

  • Have improved attention span

  • Have better approach towards problem solving

  • Improved analytical thinking

  • Improved patience

  • Improved confidence


CFK Smart Creators Holiday Camp is perfect for you

Quick learning

Short time Span so your child can learn a new skill during the holidays.

Small group

Online Small Group Classes. Each child receives personal attention and the children also inspire each other to bring out the best.

game based coding

Game-based teaching ensures that kids stay interested.


'Scratch' is an easy drag and drop but very powerful coding language, so kids can learn the core concepts while having fun.

No prior coding knowledge is needed.

Problem solving

We always ask the children to bring forward ideas and suggestions.  Help them to think and thus simulating a problem solving approach.

Why Coding for Kids?

Because We are different:

  1. We only focus on teaching programming to young children and teach only the Scratch language compared to many different programming languages, so we are focused and specialized in coding for kids.

  2. We believe in a holistic approach to helping children become creators and not only coders.

Coding-for-kids_7-12 years -kids-Courses

What you get when you join CFK Smart Creators Holiday Camp?

12 coding classes of 1 hour each

2 months access to CFK Coding Community, worth $40 USD 


Learn the CODING Basics


Loops, Coordinates, conditions, messages, variables


Create Stories


Develop Games


New coding challenge every week


Solutions after a week once kids have submitted their solutions.


100% support all the questions will be answered.


Coding competition every 2 months & Prizes for kids.


On going hand holding on creative and problem-solving process with video-based tutorials.

Meet The Team

Aparna_Coding_For _Kids.JPG

Aparna Dubey

Founder of 'CFK'

B.Tech - Electronics

Entrepreneur, Software Professional & Teacher   > 15 years of experience

I am an entrepreneur, food blogger and proud mother of two young active kids. After decade long successful career as a software professional for global technology giants like IBM, Hewitt, Mascon Global, Morpho Safran; I have started helping kids to explore the creative side of them using Coding as platform.

Favorite quote:

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.



M.Tech - Computers

Ph.D (in progress) - Machine Learning 

Teaching Experience

> 12 years 

I am mom of 5 years old son. Can't wait to meet and make Games with 'little champions' like you. 

Favorite quote:

A dream does not become reality through magic, It takes sweat determination and hard work.



M.Tech - Computers

Teaching Experience

> 15 years 

I am proud mom of two beautiful daughters. So could easily relate to Kids & their expectations. Looking forward  meeting you soon.

Favorite quote:

The expert in anything was once a beginner.

Anand_Jha_ Coding_For_Kids.jpg

Anand Jha

MBA (University of Alberta)

B.Tech - Electronics

Automation & Software Experience

> 15 years 

I have long working experience with many Global Organizations like Siemens & ABB. Looking forward sharing all the learnings through these Coding classes which can help 'Super Kids' to get ready for the digital future.

Favorite quote:


Sometimes 'later' becomes 'Never'.



"My son is really enjoying this course. I never imagined he could learn so easily and will start making programs from the very first day. I recommend this program."

Sawraj (Seattle, USA)

"The best platform to learn the basics of coding for kids, the various exercises and modules is a perfect fit to enhance the learning curve gradually."

Avinash (Amsterdam, Netherland)

"Evelyn likes playing games on the computer and we thought it will be interesting to know if she will like to know how they are built. We weren’t sure if she will sit through an entire class of logic and steps and commands and the whole lot. But she did. We like the approach taken to teach coding in CFK. While the technical term in itself seems heavy, but Aparna breaks it down into smaller steps that makes it easy for a seven-year-old to grasp."

George (Vancouver, Canada)